Thursday, September 24, 2015

Yet Another "Free Palestine" Protest

I seem to have the amazing luck of running into these "Free Palestine" protests in Times Square. I ran into one last year while meeting up with a friend for a prayer night at her church downtown and I happened to walk towards Times Sq to take the train. Lo, and behold, Friday, Sept 18th, I run into another one on the intersection of 41st St & 7th Ave. I chose not to engage in debate, nor ask questions with my large, 10th anniversary CUFI Summit tote bag. I just took some footage and went on my way.

Now, my question is, where's all the anti-ISIS protests? Where are all the demonstrations against persecution of Christians? Oh, but everyone is A-OK with throwing Israel under the bus for nothing once in a while. But it's not like this is a first for Israel. Anti-semitic people like these have been trampling on her flag ever since Israel was reunified in May of 1948. To Israel, vile acts like are just another day in the life of being God's chosen people & His holy land.

If you're still on the fence as to who's right, in your research, be sure the facts are verified.

At the same time, us Christians have to love ALL people as Jesus does.