Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Al-Jazeera America aka CurrentTV (thanks to Al Gore)

On Aug 20th, I read in a local NYC paper that Al Jazeera America had become a new channel on cable, airing via companies like DirecTV, AT&T U-verse, Comcast and Verizon FiOS. Turns out, after only a few hours of being on the air, Al Jazeera America loses a huge chunk of its major advertisers and has been left with a handful of non-profits. U-verse even dropped the channel all together!

If you don't know much about Al Jazeera, see my previous blog here. (The YouTube video I had embedded in this post has been taken down.)

When I saw the list of cable companies that would air Al Jazeera America, I wasn't surprised when I didn't see Time Warner Cable on that list. I was in fact quite glad. Other than cutting off CBS recently, TWC cut off CurrentTV in Dec 2012 when Al Gore, who created the channel some 5 or 6 years ago, sold to the Al Jazeera network, who is based out of Doha, Qatar. Al Jazeera is rather anti-American and anti-Semitic.

You can also find a little more info here.

Friday, August 2, 2013


Shame. It grips our lives more than you think. It shapes the things we avoid - avoid to do something, to say something (to someone, or just thinking out loud), to go some place.

Shame could have been caused by something you did, voluntarily or involuntarily, or something that happened to you that was out of your control.

Shame keeps you in the dark, keeps you from enjoying life.

Shame causes doubt, causes fear, causes depression.

Shame makes you feel exposed -- everyone knows your wrong. It is a thick, black veil -- thicker than a Saudi woman's veil -- that you wish you wore 24/7. You wish you could hide in plain sight.

Shame keeps you from seeking help; it makes you think you're alone. It makes you feel unaccepted.

How does one get rid of shame? Admit the wrong? Yes. Ask for forgiveness? Yes. What if the person won't forgive? God will. When all else fails, He's there. You may not know it, feel Him there, or even believe it, but He's there.  He loves us too much to see us down & out. I am feeling every bit of shame as I write this. I'll be honest: I've lost much of my faith. It comes back here and there, but it's not constant. But all really one needs is that mustard seed to move that doubt of God accepting us through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Most of us believers struggle with their emotions when Satan throws bad situation and circumstances are thrown at us. Keep fighting the good fight of faith.

I ask for your prayers as I go through this trialing time.