Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween for Christians: Yea or Nay?

God bless! I have a CBN profile and after looking at it again since two or three years ago, I found something I blogged that I also want to share with my Blogger audience :) 

As we are now in the month of October, you see department stores' seasonal sections filled with Halloween decorations, costumes, etc. Halloween is the second most celebrated holiday in the US (Christmas being the first). In a nation founded by Christians, how did this statstic come about? Why do so many parents allow their children to ring people's doorbells, after dark, and hold out small baskets or bags to get candy from strangers? Parents, especially Christian parents, I encourage you to NOT allow your children to trick-o-treat. Don't even dress them up. Halloween has a very pagan and demonic background, originating from the witches in England and pilgramming here, along with persecuted Christians. I have no children, nor am I married yet, but I know this is something I would not do with my children. Instead, I would like to teach them to pray on the 30th & 31st of Oct - praying for those children trick-o-treating, for their parents who may or may not be with them, and any youth who plan to reak havoc on their neighborhood.

I also encourage my brethren in Christ to 1) do research on the history of Halloween, because we cannot defeat an enemy we don't know much about, and 2) to gather with a few people in your church and pray for trick-o-treaters, children, parents, youth, belivers or not, that their eyes will be opened to celebrating this holiday of idolatry.

I did a little more research on Halloween, like does the Bible really condemn it. Well, within the Torah, it is forbidden to consult with mediums or those with "familiar spirits". That particular Scripture was pointed out to me while I was attending a Pentacostal church. I had stopped attending my original home church for a while and once I learned about Halloween, I looked at my original church much differently, knowing they hold alternative "harvest parties". I had also recently looked up Halloween on this site called, which answers a lot of questions that seem to be often asked by baby & mature believers alike. So, when it comes to Halloween, we first have to understand its pagan origins and let the Spirit shows us what we should do.