Thursday, November 13, 2014

One WTC Opened for Business

Well, the Freedom Tower, aka “One World Trade Center” opened for business on Nov 3rd with its first tenants being publishing giant Condé Nast. A few days before its opening, I kept repeating in my mind “conde nast” or “conde nash”, never hearing that name before. A day or two after 1WTC’s opening, I realized why I was hearing “conde nast” over and over again.

It also reminded of something I heard from God, or what I believed to be the Lord, earlier this year when I was in downtown Manhattan, while I was looking at the tower, that it would fall again. This was one of the few times that I would gaze at it and not see a plane coming at it. It scared me at first because I wanted to be like Gideon and confirm what I heard. But, somehow, I knew deep down that something will bad will happen to that building and i would be around to see it ever since it was reported that 1WTC was opened for business.

That “freedom” tower is a ticking time bomb. To be honest, I wasn’t as traumatized by the events of 9/11, but I feel ever connected to it, like the other 8+ million New Yorkers who lived to remember it.

There’s more to the story of those events and I’m going to find out what, so stay tuned for more details.

And if you’re wondering why I called One World Trade Center a “ticking time bomb”, read pick up a copy of the book The Harbingers by Jonathan Cahn. On top of that, just about two weeks in operation, 1WTC already had some issues: two window washers were rescued from the 68th floor of the building after the scaffolding they were on malfunctioned. The two were each attached to a harness, attached to the platform, which would have killed them had it fallen, according to amNY. Firefighters were able to cut a door-sized hole on the 68th floor, which is still under construction, to bring the two men in, who were eventually treated for hypothermia.