Monday, July 28, 2014


As I was walking to the Times Square train station for the R to meet a friend downtown, I came across this pro-Palestinian protest along 7th Ave, almost like a march, going towards Times Square. There were police barricades and everything. Most of the folks there were Muslims and some non-Muslim people who have believed the deception that "Palestine" is occupied by the Jews. As you see in the photos and video, some of the Muslim men were even in prayer during this march/demonstration.  

After my experience at the 9th Annual CUFI Summit in Washington, DC, I learned much more about the situation there. This event is almost in July what a time for this event to occur! It was on God's timing to have that event in July! I learned what Israel is really doing: Israel is defending its own, the US as well as innocent Palestinian civilians that Hamas continues to use as human shields.  

Much more info will come in a later blog, so for now, here are the photos I took on the streets of New York's most popular tourist spots.