Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Every Christian needs Prayer

Every Christian needs prayer. Not the prayer where s/he is reciting something to God or for others to see and hear, not the prayer that asks God for something, and that's it, but the prayer that brings spiritual intimacy with God. Prayer should be a conversation between you and God; it's a two-way street. Prayer is the spiritual communication that binds and strengthens your relationship with God, as natural communication keeps earthly relationships strong.

We, as believers and children of the Most High God, must make time to spend with Him each and every day. This, I know I'm guilty of not doing lately. This conviction came upon me while reading a Bible plan via The Bible App (developed by YouVersion) called Prayers of Jesus. Though Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, King of kings and Lord of lords, He still needed prayer during His earthly ministry. He often "went to a private place and prayed", away from the multitudes, and away from His discilpes. Not only did He need His space, sorta speak, He needed to spend time with the Father.

We all need to spend time with out Heavenly Father. Let's make a point to do so every day.